Declined for a loan or struggling to pay bills?

If you’ve been turned down for a loan or find yourself overwhelmed with debt, get in touch with us. We’ll take a look at your situation and provide you with options that could help improve your credit rating, get you out of debt or get your loan approved.

"Our mission is to make a change for the disadvantaged and those struggling with building credit. We believe access to credit shouldn't be restricted to a selected few or the wealthy. We strive to allow people from all backgrounds the same unlimited opportunities in life that credit can bring."

- Sherile Lewis, Founder

How it works






At your consultation we conduct a full assessment of your credit history.


We will explain all the details of your credit reports, including what makes up your score and what lenders like to see.


Once you have all the details on your reports and know what items are impacting your scores then you can move forward.


The credit reporting system is complicated but by sticking with our clear action plan you will be able to build credit fast.

What our clients
have to say about us


”Relaunch Credit helped me secure a $150,000.00 low- interest home loan. I’m now able to save money and put it toward my Health business."

- Clarice Turner

"Before I let Relaunch Credit fix my credit, I had bad credit. I’m not able to get a credit card with low-interest. Girl you did you thing with my credit. The first thing I applied for was Fingerhut. Lol"

- Troy Andrews

"I had to borrow $8,000 as an emergency loan last year after a tornado destroyed my roof and all my appliances died. I was unable to meet the repayment schedule. Relaunch Credit did wonders for my financial life - they made a deal with the lender so that half of the debt was written off without affecting my credit. Amazing service!"

- Joyce Gould

Why choose Relaunch Credit?

How do we compare?

It can be challenging to determine which credit repair company is trustworthy and offers the best value. Although we might not be the cheapest credit repair agency, we pride ourselves in offering the best value for money.

At Relaunch Credit we believe excellent services should be provided at a fair price.

Ready to relaunch your credit with our help?